Party policies

Labor and Green policy

Check out how much extra funding Labor has promised your school at this website. The Australian Labor Party has pledged to reverse the Scott Morrison Liberal-National Government cuts to public schools and make the largest investment ever into our public schools. Labor's promise of $14 billion extra over the next 10 years ($3.3 billion from 2020-2022) for public schools will mean smaller class sizes, more one-on-one support, additional teachers and support staff, and more support for children with disability.


The Greens party policy is available here. The Greens have pledged $20.5 billion in additional funds over the next ten years. Every public school will reach 100% of their Schooling Resource Standard funding needs by 2023. They have also said they will guarantee $320 million of capital funding a year to public schools and work to reverse cuts to funding for students with disability.