Fair Fund Now! Week of Action a huge success

Fair Fund Now! Week of Action a huge success

The Fair Funding Now! campaign kicked into high gear last week as the ‘Week of Action’ call for fair funding for public schools hit the streets across the nation.


A major advertising and media campaign in 18 marginal federal electorates was enhanced by thousands of campaign supporters spreading the message across the country.

Roadside billboards in NSW and billboards in shopping centres in QLD carried the ‘Fair Funding Now’ message, while an article in the Guardian Australia on Monday kicked off the media campaign.

A Fair Funding Now! ‘tweethathon’ last Monday night saw the campaign take over Twitter, with more than 17,000 tweets published by thousands of supporters calling for equitable public school funding. The campaign hashtag ‘#fairfundingnow’ trended in first place across Australia.

During the week supporter activity focused on the 18 marginal target federal electorates, with market stalls, school-gate parent meetings, school breakfasts and school staff morning teas run by teachers, parents and other campaign supporters to raise public awareness for the fair funding of our public schools.

On Wednesday the 'Fair Funding Now!' community delivered an open letter, signed by nearly 11,000 people, to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office in Sydney calling on him to reverse the $1.9 billion in cuts for 2018 and 2019 to federal public school funding. You can watch the event here:https://www.facebook.com/FairFundingNow/videos/470985166749161/

On the weekend the Fair Funding Now! community doorknocked residences in federal target seats in NSW and Victoria, alerting parents to the fact that, under the Morrison government school funding plan, only 13% of public schools will reach the Schooling Resource Standard by 2023.

By all accounts the Week of Action was a huge success and laid a fantastic foundation on which to build strong community support to make the issue of fair funding public schools a critical issue in the next federal election.