Do Your Block

Over the long weekend we’ll be out in the community delivering our Fair Funding Now flyer to our neighbours to raise awareness about the Scott Morrison Government’s cuts to public schools and the difference a change of government will make to public schools in Australia.

We can post you 200 flyers for you to deliver – just fill in your details and we will post them out to you before 18 April.

The order deadline is noon Wednesday 10th April.

With just a few weeks until the Federal Election this is an important time to raise the profile of public schools and inform the public of the Morrison Government’s record $14 billion funding cuts to public schools.

Update: We are asking people not to deliver on 19 or 21 April.


Download and print your own flyer at home.


If you need 200 or more flyers fill in the form below and we’ll post them out to you.

Number of flyers