A change of government will mean $20.9 million extra for public schools in the Boothby electorate between 2020-2022.

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Scott Morrison’s idea of a fair go is to cut $14 billion from public schools and hand billions extra to wealthy private schools. He has turned his back on kids in public schools. His plan will leave 99 per cent of public schools below a national resource standard and 99 per cent of private schools at that standard or above it.

These cuts hit hardest the kids who need our help the most. When you cut public school funding you cut funding for students with disability, you cut funding for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, you cut funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, you cut funding for students at risk of falling behind.

As the alternative government, Labor has pledged to reverse these cuts and stop kids missing out. It will make funding fairer and ensure children in public schools are given more support to achieve at a higher level and fulfil their potential. We need a government prepared to invest in our kids in public schools, not make it harder for them.

The facts on the Coalition's record on school funding.

Extra Funding For Local Schools Under A Labor Government

School Name Extra Funding (Three Years from 2020)
Brighton Secondary School $2,230,000
Unley High School $1,580,000
Urrbrae Agricultural High School $1,370,000
Blackwood High School $1,340,000
Hamilton Secondary College $1,130,000
Seaview High School $980,000
Glenelg Primary School $890,000
Mitcham Primary School $800,000
Brighton Primary School $740,000
Mitcham Girls High School $730,000
Colonel Light Gardens Primary School $690,000
Westbourne Park Primary School $620,000
Belair Primary School $620,000
Black Forest Primary School $610,000
Paringa Park Primary School $530,000
Clovelly Park Primary School $520,000
Australian Science and Mathematics School $500,000
Edwardstown Primary School $470,000
Warradale Primary School $470,000
Seacliff Primary School $430,000
St Leonards Primary School $410,000
Blackwood Primary School $410,000
Forbes Primary School $390,000
Darlington Primary School $340,000
Seaview Downs Primary School $310,000
Eden Hills Primary School $310,000
Bellevue Heights Primary School $300,000
Clapham Primary School $290,000
Pasadena High School $250,000
Marion Primary School $240,000
Ascot Park Primary School $190,000
Kilparrin Teaching & Assessment School & Services $110,000
SA School for Vision Impaired $110,000

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