So what is|the problem?

Issue The Problem

Public schools are missing out on billions that should have been delivered this year and next year.

In five states and territories that money was set out in signed agreements. The Parliamentary Budget Office said public schools are $1.9 billion worse off under the Liberal-National government's plan than the arrangements that were previously in place.

The children worst affected by the cuts are the ones with the highest needs.

This shocking new report, "Counting the cost of the education revolution", shows that our school funding system is broken. 85% of private schools get more public funding than public schools. 

What we want is needs-based funding that ensures all schools can meet the agreed school resource standard. But the Liberal-National government in Canberra legislated to cap Commonwealth funding to public schools at 20% of what they need to reach the minimum schooling resource standard. The Commonwealth will fund private schools to 80% of schooling resource standard. Some of the biggest increases in funding go to the schools that need it least.  That isn’t fair and it certainly isn’t needs-based funding. 

Disability funding has been cut. And the Morrison government's plan will leave almost 9 out of 10 public schools still below the national resource standard in 2023.

Private schools retain a $1.9 billion capital fund alongside their recurrent funding, but public schools get no Commonwealth capital funding to help public schools build new classrooms and facilities to cope with growing enrolments.